About Us
Welcome to Anime-Sensei, a site that offers you anime uploaded to Free Hosts like MegaUpload and MediaFire.
This site is hosted by paid hosting and our Forum is hosted by Silverado from Manga Underground.
We try to keep things as free as possible, but for some things we need to pay (Domain and Shoutbox)
For that we rely on the Donations of you, our visitors.

This Site started back in December 2005 as a Graphics Site by Sensei-kun but just a few weeks later it was closed.
In February 2006 the Site re-opened under the name Anime-Sensei and started hosting Realmedia Anime on Free Hosts.
In July 2006 the site got more visitors and thus new Admins joined the Site.
Since then Anime-Sensei has been growing to what it’s now.

During this time some Admins left or Joined and the Site grew bigger and bigger.
Now it’s 1 of the oldest “Realmedia Anime hosted on Free Hosts” Sites and also 1 of the most known sites.

How do I download these files?
Visual guide on how to start downloading anime!

How do I play these files?
If you want to play .rmvb and .rm files, download and install Realplayer or Real Alternative.
If you want to play .avi .mp4 and .mkv files, download and install CCCP or VLC media player.

Why are the links in the updates colored?
The color represents the staff member that uploaded and posted the links in the updates.

How to contact.
You can get into Contact with us in several ways.
The quickest way is to post in the Shoutbox or on the Forum.
You can also leave a message on an Update Post.

If it’s real urgent you can take up contact with the Head-Admin LMF_ by emailing him. His email is animesensei.net@gmail.com

This site does not host actual anime files, we are happy to comply with requests by legal owners of data (per DMCA provisions) to remove torrent or download links.