Wakaba Girl


Kohashi Wakaba, a girl from a wealthy family, admires the sakura trees in full bloom on her way to the first day at the Clover Girls’ Academy, entering year one Wisteria class. Wakaba had troubles with her studies and thus did not make it into the prestigious Water Lily Academy. But the energetic, slightly air-headed girl is greeted by lively though eccentric class mates: Kurokawa Mao (cheeky, refers to herself as “Mao”), Mashiba Nao (a tomboy of sorts), and Tokita Moeko (cute, level-headed). They decide to become friends.

Wakaba explains that she always wanted to become a free, girlish, sparkly high school girl, and is excited to wear a short skirt for the first time. When surveyed what they would like to do in their future, Mao puts down “Detective, Phantom Thief, and No Idea”, whereas for Nao this is much too early to say. Returning home to her elder sister and mother, Wakaba sheds a few tears of joy, with the words: “I might be able to make friends!”.

And so Wakaba’s wondrous high school days begin…

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