Taishou Chicchai-san

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Summary: It’s the closing years of the Taishou era, a turbulent time when the military empire of Japan is rising to go to war with the world. The protagonist, Hiiragi Kyouichirou, has come to the Imperial Capital, Tokyo, to attend Imperial University. He is determined to pursue a scholar’s path and become a great man back in his hometown. But now the Japanese army has set its sights on Kyouichirou, because of a special ability that he possesses.

As a result of a terrible illness from his youth, Kyouichirou gained the ability to see the spirits of the dead. The army wants to use these spirits, which to Kyouichirou were always a thing to be feared, in order to counter the threats of other countries.

Others stand in the way of the military and its plans. They involve themselves in Kyouichirou’s destiny, and begin to change the future of the empire.

~taken from AniDB

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