Otona Joshi no Anime Time 2


* Three Otona Joshi no Anime Time (Animation for Grown up Girls) television specials based on Naoki Prize-winning short stories.

Supper (Yuuge) by Yamada Eimi – Story about a house wife in her late 20’s who ran away from her husband and started living with a young garbage collector. She takes it as her duty to cook supper and feed him. In her new life with him, she finds reasons for living.

Life’s Best 10 (Jinsei Best 10) by Kakuta Mitsuyo – A story about a single career woman who is becoming 40. Though her life seems decent, she feels that she hasn’t achieved anything in 40 years. The most brilliant event in her life is the kiss with her first boy friend when she was 13… nothing more dramatic happened since then. Today, she’s going to a reunion with a big expectation to meet first boyfriend for the first time in 25 years. A comical and a bittersweet story.

Not Somewhere, But Here (Dokoka de wa Nai Koko) by Yamamoto Fumio – A story about a 43 year-old typical housewife with 2 children. She does everything the right way, but never gets the right result. Her life is full of annoyances… her husband is laid off, her old mothers calls her everyday to grumble, harassed at part time job… But she’s not even angry because her feeling is always drifting. After having a crucial conflict with her teenage daughter, she finds a clue to make her life worth living.

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