Motto To Love-Ru: Trouble


* The story of To Love-Ru: Trouble continues.

A year after Lala came to Earth, she is all the more determined to make Rito fall for her, putting all her effort into it, even though she knows that Rito actually loves Haruna. Poor Rito will have to face tough times since Lala’s younger twin sisters, Nana and Momo, now live in the same house, along with his Rito’s reliable sister, Mikan, and Celine.

Fun and trouble await with their other friends from school and the many other characters, with Lala’s usually catastrophic inventions, Yami’s contract to kill Rito and many pending issues from the first season.

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Mpb1112 says:

Much, MUCH more enjoyable and fun than the original series! A truly rare thing for a “second” season/series

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