Meitantei Holmes


The series is action packed, and really fun to watch. All the characters such as Holmes, Watson, Mrs. Hudson, and Prof. Moriarty were made into dogs. Holmes is a lot younger and more active than in the novels (he drives a car and does a lot of car chases). Mrs. Hudson, now a 19 year old widow, gets a piece of the action.

It was made as a joint project between Tokyo Movie Shinsha and an Italian TV station, RAI, in 1981. Hayao MIYAZAKI directed 6 episodes (3-5 and 9-11), but the production was put on hold due to a copyright dispute with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate. In 1984, after the copyright dispute was finally resolved, Tokyo Movie Shinsha decided to make more episodes of Holmes and to air it as a TV series as originally planned, with totally different staff members from the first 6 episodes.

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