Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

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Summary: * Based on a light novel of the same name written by Satou Tsutomu and illustrated by Ishida Kana.

In a world where magic is a product of neither legends nor fairy tales, but has become a technology of reality for nearly a century, various countries in the world are locked in a race in nurturing magicians, practitioners of modern magic. For that purpose high schools, called Magic High Schools, were nationally established. At First High School, the first of its kind, located in Hachiouji, Kanto, Tokyo, an elite school where the most excellent magicians are fostered; two hundred students are divided into two courses. With the students of Course 1 (called Bloom) excelling in magic, whereas the Course 2 (called Weed) students are only seen as replacement for the former.

In the spring of the year 2095 two magicians enrol in First High School: Shiba Tatsuya, an honour student without magic capability, was barely accepted into Course 2, along with his sister, Shiba Miyuki, who happens to be the top student among the freshmen in Course 1. In this environment where students are divided into elites and plebs right at the enrolment, discrimination is running rampant. But what will happen to the irregular at Magic High School?

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bee no bee says:

this is a great anime and the manga was good, however with the downfall of Mangatraders and Crazytje, there will be no more free manga download

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