Kyou Kara Maou! (2008)


Before Yuri returned to the Great Demon Kingdom at the end of Season 2, the Ten Noble families chose Wolfram to become the next Demon King. Conflict arises when Yuri returns, and Wolfram is forced to call off their engagement due to Wolfram’s proud mazoku uncle. In the end, Yuri becomes the Maou to defend himself and Wolfram, and proves to the noble family that he is a responsible Maou. This is later followed by a few individual side stories, such as the episode about bear bees being sold in Shin Makoku, in which later are proven to be fakes; and the episode of Leila’s wedding to Antoine, the king of the Francia kingdom. In this episode, Yuri and his companions encounter a group of bandits that have been stealing important swords from different kingdoms, it is later revealed that they have a deeper purpose. The story continues on as Conrad and Murata travel to Big Shimaron to fulfill some somewhat hidden agendas, who are later followed by Yuri and Wolfram. A new character is introduced, the new king of Small Shimaron- Saralegui, who seems to be interested in Yuri (or in his powers). In order to get information about the group White Crows, Yuri and Wolfram gets help from Lady Celi’s suitor-“Fanfan”. Yuri and Wolfram attend a baquet in Big Shimaron disguised as girls as when Yuri trips over and is helped by Saralegui or Sara. The Original King appears to be well as he appears to Yuri to give him advice, as well as threatened those who oppose Yuri’s rule. There’s also a dark organization of sorcerers ; the White Crows, originally formed by the Great Sage Navon. They’re on a quest of getting all the holy and spiritual swords they could find.

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