KO Seiki Beast Sanjuushi


Due to an accident many many years ago, the Earth was split along the equators into complete halves. While the southern side of the Earth was carried off into space, the Northern part stayed in the Earth’s axis. After along time, the humans from the Southern half return to the North to find it being over-run by half human, half beast people. Now known as “Beasts.” The humans returned thinking they where just freaks, and wanting to take statues that the Beasts collected called “Jinns” or their animal gods. It is when Wan, the son of a village leader of the tiger beasts is kidnapped with his Jinn, Earth Lord. When imprisonment, Wan meets up with the smooth red haired son of the Bird Tribe leader, Bud. As well as meeting up with his old friends Mei Mah, Princess of the Mermaids and Mekka, the Turtle. Of course, right away they seem to be the most inappropriate team. They are soon freed from their prison by Uni, a small girl who is the granddaughter of Dr. Password. A human looking to see that the beasts and humans can live together.

Note: This is a two part OVA, 3 episodes then a later 4.

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