IS: Infinite Stratos


* Based on a light novel series by Yumizuru Izuru with illustrations by Okiura.

The story revolves around the IS Academy and its students who are training to become pilots for the IS (Infinite Stratos) weapon system. It so happens that this system can only be operated by females. However there was one young man named Orimura Ichika (15) who was able to use the IS. He then finds himself attending the busy academy dominated by girls. As it turns out Shinonono Houki, a childhood friend, is one of his new classmates.

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Cy-kun says:

Awesome anime!

Amadeus66 says:

wonderful xD

Tkb_jm23 says:

Awesome anime…one of my favorite animes! I really like animus with romance and new generation devices like this IS! I only hate one thing. Ichika is very dumb. My favorite is all of them! Though ichika is my most fav. (because all the girls like him so much)

darkness15 says:

Awesome anime

Amagi says:

very nice anime ^^
harem time 😛

jkaze says:

thank you 🙂

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