Inazuma Eleven GO: Galaxy


Soccer has come back after winning their fight against the Second Stage Children and Raimon Eleven returned to their own time. The soccer ban has been lifted and everyone can enjoy soccer freely again. But this marks the beginning of a new challenge for Tenma and his friends!

Football Frontier International V2, a tournament to determine the best players of the world, is about to commence. On the day the Japanese representatives are to be picked, aiming to win the title of world champions, over 100 candidates including Tenma and the Raimon Eleven are summoned and admits all the excitement, the appointed coach Ryuusei Kuroiwa announces the new members for Shinsei Inazuma Japan! Among the members are… Tenma, Tsurugi and Shindou, but the other 8 are unknown players that no one has ever seen or heard of. This wasn’t the only surprising thing! That is, none of these 8 have every played soccer before…

The reason for their selection is shrouded in mystery. What is Kuroiwa hoping to achieve!? And what is the hidden truth behind the construction of Shinsei Inazuma Japan!?

The curtain raises as Tenma leads Japans most novice group of amateurs into the fierce battle to earn the title of the world’s bests!

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