Ichigeki Sacchuu!! Hoihoi-san


In the year 20xx AD, insects have become resistant to every kind of insecticide. In order to create an effective pest control, the Japanese company Mars Pharmacy develops a small insect-terminating robot — the 11.5 cm tall maid type robot Hoihoi-san.

Dewa Kimiko, who works for a pharmacy always loved dolls, and bought Hoi Hoi-san soon after release. Little did she expect her peaceful slumber at home to be disturbed by her robot’s vehement bursts of gunfire — exterminating insects. So she tends to be annoyed by robot-fan customers.

To top things off, another small robot type named Combat-san — belonging to a frequent pharmacy customer — fights a nightly all-out war against Kimiko’s Hoi Hoi-san — loosing every time.

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