Hunter x Hunter (2011)


A remake of the original series with different staff and cast.

Gon is a youth who lives on Kujira Isle. His dream is to become a Hunter like his father, to search out lost treasures, artefacts, and mythical creatures.

Determined to become a professional Hunter willing to stake his life in challenging the unknown, he sets off on a journey and meets fellow Hunter wannabes Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio.

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Craziie says:

will this anime follow the anime all the way? or is it just a short 25 episode series ..

azhura78 says:

what is different between this and the older ?

LMF_ says:

A remake of the original series with different staff and cast.

Murken says:

thank you for the episodes…but I kinda preferred the original anime.

Fanatik007 says:

episode 125, when i open link it says its episode 123. Can u correct it pls?

LMF_ says:

It is the correct file, unfortunately it was just named wrong.

kingdonleo says:

Thanks for fixing the links i enjoy this series

e.n.d says:

i liked the original more as well to bad they didn’t take it all the way. im just hopefull they give us a ending with the newer version.

e.n.d says:

Such a great anime i know Yoshihiro Togashi wont let us down!

e.n.d says:

Eventually that is lol jk 😉

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