Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. (2013)


Fukumune Iria announces over the school’s speaker system that the swimming pool is finally open tomorrow, and that she has prepared a special event for everyone: the Momozono Academy’s Swimsuit Contest. Lisara Restall finds this highly suspicious and would prefer to continue her mission to locate the other six special people. Kaga Ryousuke thinks it is a great idea. And the rest of the male class is ecstatic, having voted for their preferred female contestants: Lisara Restall, Ookura Mina, Cule Zeria, and Fukumune Iria. All this is just a ploy by Fukumune, though, to find out who is more popular, Lisara or herself. Should Lisara win, she will get information about the other members of the Eight Misfits, and thus Lisara grudgingly accepts the challenge.

And so, in preparation for the contest, Ryousuke selflessly offers to coach — top of her class at the Grimworld’s Reaper Training Academy — Lisara on how to win in a skimpy swimsuit…

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