Boboboubo Boubobo


In the year 300X AD, the age in which Earth was to be ruled by the Margarita Empire had come. The emperor, Tsuru Tsururiina IV, in order to make everyone in the world be bald, sent out an army of hair hunters. Hair hunting was going on all over the place.

Even today, Hair Hunter Block G under squad leader Pikari was rampaging through a village. One after another, they attacked the villagers and used their “hair cutting martial arts” and cut off everyone’s hair. Meanwhile, a little girl named Beauty was watching these events unfold. However, she was found by Pikari. She had her hair almost taken when a whip like thing came flying and took Pikari down. Beauty was somehow able to get away. That long whip was actually a long nose-hair controlled by a man named Boboboubo Boubobo. He has been travelling around the world destroying the Hair Hunters. Upon arriving at the Block G headquarters, Boubobo suddenly enters a battle against Captain Haagen. Boubobo uses his special nose hair attacks but Haagen does not hesitate in countering Boubobo is faced with a tough situation, but…

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