Bakuretsu Tenshi: Infinity


The events occur in Westland, New York, in the 21st century. With sharp sword-like knifes, a cyborg controlled by a maniac is indiscriminately killing people. Shirley witnesses one of these murders, and the knife is turned on the helpless girl.

Recap: In the past, Meg had taken care of three orphaned younger children, including Shirley, just before meeting Jou. Later, when Meg and Jou decided to leave New York, the children were adopted by the police officer, Sam. He possesses a strong sense of justice and they are supposedly living happily together now.

To celebrate the Shirley’s birthday Meg and Jou return to New York. Using reward money, Meg and Jou buy a present for Shirley, and visit Sam. However, he is very disturbed, explaining that Shirley was assaulted by a murderer and seriously injured. Jou says to the grieving and angry Meg: “Let’s avenge Shirley.”

But their cruel, cowardly adversary is much more cunning than expected, and an ugly cover-up threatens Meg, Jou, and Sam.

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